IT Construction Monomur is a family-owned company built in 1977 that is committed to providing the very best service, pricing, and quality available, while making them sustainable, efficient, and durable. This is from the overall look of your houses, to the garages and garage doors in OKC.

You can set us from other locally-owned company as we specialize in building properties that are affordable, energy-saving and with a touch of classic European goodness. We offer home constructions and designs, renovations, home upgrade at very competitive prices and more. More because we do every detail intricately and without discounting any ideal inclusions of our customers.

We believe that the foundation of every home should be solid and of quality as it is not a disposable item that can be replaced at whim. It should stand through time without losing its charm and its value. With the cost of living and utilities on the rise now is the time to build a home that will be around for generations to come and won’t break the bank when those monthly bills come along. This is why in every project that we do, we make sure that we only use high standard yet environmental-friendly materials.

What makes IT Construction Monomur better?

  1. We only use materials that are certified with the “Energy Star” efficiency benchmark or better.
  2. We incorporate R21 insulation in the walls and R50 in the attic which exceeds Energy Star by about 25% combined.
  3. We utilize advanced techniques and tools to help us reduce lumber use while increasing home isulation.
  4. We work on exterior to have “Hardie” cement board for longevity, and resistance to fire.
  5. Our roofs are a made with intricate patterns that are the best in European design
  6. Our windows are of low-emissivity that is known to lower UV rays, heat transfer, and utility bills
  7. We use 5/8 sheetrock throughout the home and 5/8 exterior wall sheeting that lessens deflection and inflow of noise
  8. Our garages are even insulated to prevent its contribution of unnecessary heat to the inside of your homes
  9. Our garages have painted interiors as well to cut down on dust and for it to be visually appealing whether you want to convert it into a storage or another room or office
  10. Our kitchens have “Recycle Bins” designed in to make recycling easy, practical, and mess free and to encourage everyone to reuse things to lessen the environmental pollution
  11. We offer a complementary Interior Design and garage door inspection service so you can complement your house designs without on-the-top costs

And more as we continue to explore the possibilities to make our service more advanced through better equipments, techniques, innovative ideas and machineries.

Just call us now to know more. Our team of specialists are always ready to serve you.