About Us

IT Construction Monomur is a construction company founded by a well-known French architect, traveller and environmentalist Adnot Francois in 1977 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and since then have been committed to providing the best service, pricing and craftsmanship available in the market. Its number one goal is to bring to America unique and innovative custom homes with a twist of distinctive and authentic “European Flair” and that is environmental-friendly.

Our vision and mission statement is to be the country’s number one construction company, empowering our individual and business clients to realize their goals and reach their full potential. By putting a kiss of European style on every American home in response for every individual’s needs, we bring to them the feel of Europe through exceptional European design and architecture without them leaving the comforts of their homes.

We commit only to give the best that we can while upholding the company’s four core values:

  • Upholding the traditions of genuine craftsmanship and authentic European design
  • Holding ourselves and our contractors accountable for our services and our products.
  • Helping our clients make the most informed and educated decisions when it comes to building their homes
  • Never growing beyond our capacity to perform at high-quality level our customers can trust
  • Being our customers’ partners in making dreams possible and building lives

Through the years, we prided ourselves in never failing to be true to our words of living with these core values. As a proof, we have been trusted time and time again through the continuous patronage of our valued customers. To date, we have now completed thousands of projects that exhibited our brand of quality and best service that is affordable to everyone.

We have not only performed well on building houses but had been requested to handle other commercial services and establishments as well. Our clients enjoy the authentic designs together with our promises of environmental-friendly materials that are energy-saving as well. To this day, we continue to improve our devices and techniques in order to build better lives for the people.