Our Services

IT Construction Monomur offers a variety of construction, designing and home maintenance services that are the best in the field and with a touch of European style. The services we offer are as follows:

Construction Services

IT Construction Monomur specializes on constructing American homes that are with a touch of European style. Whether you want the regal Spanish homes, rustic Italian, or the simple but intricate Greek architecture, we’ll help you make it happen.

Our team of professionals are experts on this and we have years of providing service to back our credibility. Our team of architects, interior designers, engineers and workers are well-knowledgeable on everything that has to do with European design. They underwent series of training under the masters on the field before being hired to join the company. When you call us, you can be assured that you are only dealing with the best.

We can even show you re latest finished projects which designs are inspired by grand metropolitan homes like the Villa Monabella and rural ill Vecchio Capannone. Witness also the projects we finished that are in magnificent Tudor style of England. Our designs are not limited and still evolve and improve with time.

Restoration and Reconstruction

IT Construction Monomur offers restoration and reconstruction services to all houses which extend to putting additional rooms and remodels. We restore classic homes that had been built for years and we do it while maintaining the charm and value of the home. We’ll make it liveable for your family as we inspect all corners for possible defects that make cause future damage and may be harmful to your families.

We know that the foundation of every home when not put correctly, and when not built using quality materials could be subjected to aging that may crumble if not maintained properly. We also take this into consideration in our restoration because we value the safety of your family.

Other factors that we consider in our restoration projects are as follows:

  • Current septic systems
  • heating and cooling systems
  • stability of ground
  • building codes
  • modern efficiency benchmarks
  • and governing bodies such as historic societies

This is why, when you choose to get our service, you are assured that you are only availing the best.

And we do more! Just call us now and let us know your concern and we’ll make you our priority!